Yeva Syslo


Yeva has a deep love and respect for all animals. She has been fostering dogs and cats throughout her life. She has also been a trusted pet sitter in Santa Clarita for the past 2 years.. At Groom and Play, she is the one who will greet you and make sure that your furry friend will get the attention and care that they need.

Brett Syslo


After 10+ years of working in Reality T.V. and countless creative side projects, Brett decided to turn his passion and energy into something that was tangible. Animals were always a passion of his and starting a small business with his wife who was equallly as passionate about animals was a no-brainer.

Joan Newell

Master Groomer

Joan has over 20+ years of experience as a pet groomer. In her profession, she excels in dealing with difficult dogs and specialized breeds. She has a very calming demeaner, and makes even the most difficult dogs enjoy the process.