At Groom and Play, we offer a full-service grooming and curated selection of dog supply that meets the highest health and quality standards.

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Both our packages include bathing (shampoo and conditioner),brush, ear cleaning, anal glands expression and nail clipping.


Please note that pricing may vary depending on size, behavior and the condition of the coat. For breed specific prices call 661-360-9148. 


Everything Package ( Includes Dremel, Facial, Teeth Brushing and Specialty Shampoo, Does not include Shed 

Less treatment)                                             $14                                   

Shed Less Treatment                                    $10

If your pet has a problem with shedding we will use anti shedding shampoo and conditioner. We will take extended time brushing with a de-shedding brush. 

Teeth Brushing and Oral Rinse                     $7

After a nice spa day, treat your pet to teeth brushing session. The antiseptic rinse will leave your pet with a fresh and clean breath.

Facial                                                                  $5

Nail Dremel                                                        $5

Whitening Shampoo                                        $5

Oatmeal Shampoo                                           $5 


Trust and transparency is primary to everything that we do, and our relationship with your pet is highly valued.

Optimal health is essential to your pet's happiness. Our service and products serve the health conscious pet owner.

With our excellent service, we ensure that every pet and pet owner goes home happy and satisfied.

The shampoos and conditioners that we use are made with non-toxic, natural, wheat and gluten free, paraben free, pH balanced, biodegradable ingredients with no unnecessary additives.

  • 16507 Soledad Canyon Road Unit A, Santa Clarita, CA 91387

  •  6/6/2019 05:43 PM

According to the City of Santa Clarita’s statistics, roughly 210,000 people live in the Santa Clarita Valley. A 2017-18 survey from the American Pet Products Association showed that 48.5% of households own at least one dog (1.49) per household, and it's only on the rise. With these statistics, we can assume that there are at least 62,000 dogs living in the City. No wonder they call it Awesometown! However, we only have three public dog parks in the City, in addition to a private one. Hopefully, in the future this number will grow, but in the meantime, here is what the City offers.

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  •  5/8/2019 03:57 PM

Being a dog owner is one of the most amazing things in this world. After all, there’s a reason why dogs are man’s best friend! Keeping your dog happy is an essential part of being a dog owner and that means keeping them fresh and clean. To help ease this huge task, many owners opt to take their furry children to professional dog groomers. This frees up time, work and headaches associated with trying to groom your dog on your own. So if you’re interested in obtaining professional pet grooming services, here are a few things Groomers wish dog owners knew beforehand:

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  •  4/29/2019 01:09 PM

Getting your dog professionally groomed is one of the best things you can do for your dog! Not only does it eliminate the work that you might need yourself, but it allows them to be super fresh and clean thanks to the various procedures professional groomers undergo to get your dog looking his/her very best! But while many love taking their dog(s) to the groomer, not many like how long it takes. So we're here to provide answers on why it can take quite a while for the groomer to finish with your pooch!

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  •  4/25/2019 04:59 PM

Your dog’s first visit to the groomer will be monumental. It’s their first real professional bath with all the trimmings so, of course, you might be anxious not knowing what to expect. To help ease your anxiety, we’ve compiled a helpful list of dos and don’ts when it comes to your pup’s groomer visit! These tips will help improve both you and your dog’s experience and will make for many happy grooming trips from here on out.

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  •  4/3/2019 04:31 PM

Booking regular appointments with a professional dog groomer doesn’t just make your dog look clean and stay fresh, but also keeps him/her happy and healthy. Groomers do a number of additional things that pet owners aren’t usually accustomed to doing.

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It depends on the dog's size, fur type, and styling needs. You should expect anywhere from 1-4 hours. In some rare cases it can take longer than that. However, if you need your pet to be in and out quickly, call us in advance and we will be able to do that for you! Our express service fee is $15. 
We strongly suggest that you make an appointment in advance, it is very rare that we can take same day appointments.
We absolutely can! The flea treatment is $10. 

Experienced Dog Groomer

Canyon Country, Santa Clarita, CA, USA
We are transparent, honest, care about animals and always strive to do an excellent job. We are looking for an experienced dog groomer to join our team. Do you have a similar mindset, if so apply to join our team!
-At least 2 years of professional pet grooming experience
-Must be an animal lover
-Skills in styling, scissoring, general cleaning and nail trimming
-Must have excellent safety practices and record
-Knowledge of dogs of all sizes, breeds, temperaments
-Ability to lift heavy animals and equipment
-Ability to groom quickly and efficiently

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 I brought my Maltipoo to Groom & Play a couple weeks ago. They did an amazing job! My dog gets really nervous and the groomer was able to make her feel calm. I met the owners who are super friendly The place is very clean, bright and inviting. My dog looked brand new and happy when I picked her up. I would highly recommend! 

Karrie R.

 This place is amazing!! I have been there 3 times now and they don't disappoint at all! Don't hesitate to bring your furbaby here. They treat them like family. 

John H.

 This place is new, cool, and amazing! I had requested some pricing as I just needed to get my puppy's nails trimmed and they got back to me super fast! When I went the staff was so nice and caring for my little one. Will definitely come again and get the full service bath for my baby next time 

Sam S.
Visualiser of Interiors

 First time, excellent experience! Dogs are so happy and clean! Thank you! 

Jennifer L.

 Very pleased with my experience. My dog was ready when they said she would be and she looks great. I will be back 

Janis A.

 Hands down the best grooming services you can get in the Santa Clarita Valley. I have had some bad experiences with other grooming shops and now very picky when it comes down to my little ones grooming services. I was at ease after talking to the owner (Yeva) and the groomer (Joan) about all of Milly's grooming concerns and there were more than accommodating to our specifications and Milly also walked out with a sweet bandana (brownie points). Overall very cute shop with great people and awesome service. 

Cassandra L.

 The ladies are so nice, caring and pet friendly! Will definitely come back and recommend this place for pets. 

Anna H.

 While our Golden Retriever "Cooper" is very big weighing in at 85+ Lbs...he is always very nervous with groomers. Unfortunately, some other big store groomers, would just yank him in...which made him even more terrified. Groom and Play is nothing like that. They are fantastic. Very kind and sweet. A little patience goes a long way! Making an appointment was simple. You receive a text to confirm your appointment...and another text when your fur baby is ready. He looked great when we picked him up. Cooper's sister "Kyli" is there now getting pretty. Can't wait to see how great she looks. Thank you Yeva and Joan. Job well done.... 

Tracy C.