29 Apr

Getting your dog professionally groomed is one of the best things you can do for your dog! Not only does it eliminate the work that you might need yourself, but it allows them to be super fresh and clean thanks to the various procedures professional groomers undergo to get your dog looking his/her very best! But while many love taking their dog(s) to the groomer, not many like how long it takes. So we're here to provide answers on why it can take quite a while for the groomer to finish with your pooch!

Check-in Process

When you first get to the Groom and Play, there is an extensive check-in period where the groomer will spend anywhere from 5-10 minutes talking to pet owners about their goals.  This is an important chat and is usually done at every appointment you make. This way, the groomer provides you with the results you want and has time to really get to know the dog to make it as enjoyable and seamless as possible. After you leave your pet will be checked for any preexisting skin conditions. Many health issues can be caught during this process such as fleas, lumps, and bumps. 

Prep Work

There's a lot of prep work that needs to be done, including taking care of the basics like shaving or brushing out a dog's coat, cutting their nails, brushing their teeth and cleaning out their ears. Groomers will always brush a dog's coat before they bathe them to avoid tangles and knots! 

The Bath

The bath can be relatively quick or take a lot longer depending on the dog's individual behavior, as well as their coat condition. Other than using the regular shampoos and conditioners the groomer might need to give the dog's coat special treatment to treat skin rashes or allergies and any other skin problems. Plus, if the dog is not being easy to work with, this can also prolong the time it takes to complete the bath. 


Drying a dog's coat is important since it needs to dry properly before a groomer can cut it to make it even. This part gets tricky since the dryer often makes a dog nervous. Many times, a groomer will towel dry a dog or even turn on a fan on low to get them all dried up before the cut. This can take a while depending on the breed of the dog. Obviously, the smaller the dog the less time it'll take to dry. And if they have a short coat, the drying process shouldn't be more than 20 minutes, but can be up to an hour for a large, hairy dog. 


The more intricate the style the owner wants, the longer the cut can take. Once that clipping is done, the groomer will do some last-minute tidying up to ensure that everything looks right on your dog before dressing them in a bow or bandana! 

Multiple Dogs 

You're not going to be the groomer's only client, so one reason why it takes so long is that there are multiple dogs there waiting to get groomed. Even though there are multiple groomers on staff, it can still take a while to see everyone – even if they have an appointment. 

The Call

Once this is all done, the groomer will give you a call or text, alerting you that's it's now time to pick up your furry child. 

The grooming process can be quite a lot of work, especially for a professional that takes pride in their job. That's the case with Groom and Play in Santa Clarita. We don't rush the process to ensure amazing results pet owners love. We are a full-service grooming salon that provides premium-spa-like experiences for your dog and cat!

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