03 Apr

Why You Should Professionally Groom Your Dog

Let's face it, your dog is your baby, and like any parent, you want the best for them. You want to feed them the best foods, keep them safe, happy, and healthy all the years of their life. 

Dogs can also be a reflection of their owners, so no one wants a dog that looks shabby, dirty or ratty.  While some owners opt to groom their dogs on their own, many more prefer to leave that important job up to the dog grooming professional. 

Booking regular appointments with a professional dog groomer doesn’t just make your dog look clean and stay fresh, but also keeps him/her happy and healthy. Groomers do a number of additional things that pet owners aren’t usually accustomed to doing. 

Here are some more reasons why you should professionally groom your dog:

1. Groomers May Notice Things You Won’t

Professional groomers have had years of experience with dogs, they might notice something you might miss while bathing them yourself. They might notice things like fleas, lumps, skin irritations, or some form of injury, allowing you to seek medical help if needed. 

2. It’s More Convenient

The biggest reason why you should take your dog to a professional groomer is that it’s convenient! Grooming your own dog not only takes time but can prove to be a difficult task, especially if the dog is a large breed. 

Most dogs don’t like baths, let alone having their nails clipped or anal glands expressed. In this case, it’s better and less traumatic to have a professional at hand to perform these tasks. This way, you can bypass a time consuming and potentially complicated mess that could lead to anger or frustration with your dog. 

3. Professionals Have the Right Tools

Grooming is more than just bathing, so if you’re going to do it yourself, you’ll have to invest in the right tools, and this can get costly! A professional groomer has everything, including an array of different scissors, electric razors and combs/brushes to help get your dog looking its best. 

Here at Groom and Play, in Santa Clarita CA, we use quality dog shampoos specific to your dog's needs. Such shampoos include hypoallergenic ones to ease skin irritations or others which can eliminate fleas or ticks.

Finally, many professional groomers not only have the tools at hand but are also highly skilled at using them. If you were to get the tools yourself, you'd have to invest extra time learning the trade or risk nicking or harming your dog's skin. 

4. A Groomer Fits Your Schedule

Life can get busy, and trying to find the "right" time to groom your dog yourself can prove difficult. You’ll most likely find yourself prolonging the event due to time constraints, which only means your dog will suffer longer.

However, when booking an appointment Groom and Play, we'll work around your schedule and help find a time that is most convenient for you. 

This can allow you to run errands while your dog is being groomed and you can coordinate the pick time to ensure your time is well spent.

5. Professionals Know How to Handle Dogs of All Sizes

Just like people, dogs come in all shapes and sizes. Knowing how to properly handle them while grooming is key to doing it right and protecting them against harm.

Professionals are also experienced with over-reactive dogs, (such as anxious or aggressive dogs), which can lead to improper grooming techniques or even injury. Because of their training and many years of experience, you can leave it up to the professionals to alleviate such concerns.

6. You Won't Handle The Gross Stuff

More than likely, you’ll just bathe your dog and maybe trim their hair, but what about all the gross stuff? Are you willing to clean a muddy dog or express their anal glands? What about if your dog was skunked? You most likely won’t want to handle that intense foul odor, especially in your own home! Well, a professional groomer will handle all the gross stuff so that you don’t have to.

7. They’ll Keep You on a Schedule

At Groom and Play, we like to keep you and your dog on a grooming schedule so that you won't forget when it’s time to bring them back. We will send you reminders in the form of e-mail or text, and these regular appointments will go a long way in keeping your dog looking fresh and amazing! 

While you should leave the big things up to the groomer, you can brush your dog in between grooming sessions. This will help eliminate shedding or matted fur, which if out of control, can cause pain or even bruising while brushing out their coats. 

Groom and Play is a professional grooming facility in Santa Clarita, CA. As a reputable location in Santa Clarita, we are a full-service grooming salon and supply store, that will provide premium, spa-like experiences for your dog (and cat)! Give us a call today to find out what we offer.

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