06 Jun

According to the City of Santa Clarita’s statistics, roughly 210,000 people live in the Santa Clarita Valley. A 2017-18 survey from the American Pet Products Association showed that 48.5% of households own at least one dog (1.49) per household, and it's only on the rise. With these statistics, we can assume that there are at least 62,000 dogs living in the City. No wonder they call it Awesometown! However, we only have four public dog parks in the City, in addition to a private one. Hopefully, in the future this number will grow, but in the meantime, here is what the City offers.

Golden Valley Park

One of the newest and arguably most popular dog park in Santa Clarita is the Golden Valley Dog Park. If you decide to take your furry friend here, you most likely will not be alone. This park is one of the busiest in Santa Clarita. If your dog is the sociable type, this is the place for them. Plus they have both small and large dog areas for your dog to play, which adds to the safe environment. This dog park stands out compared to the rest with its nice seating accommodations, including a shaded area for comfortable viewing. You won’t have to look hard or park too far away to get here, as the park is located just a short walking distance from the parking lot. 

Central Bark at Central Park 

Located at beautiful Central Park, the Central “Bark” is located behind the restrooms and soccer fields on the south side of the park. Compared to the other locations, it can be a bit challenging to find if it's your first time and requires a walk across the grassy fields to get there. They also offer both small and large dog areas, so all dogs are welcome. However, watch out for rattlesnakes before you let your Fido off the leash, as they are frequently seen in this location due to the close proximity to the mountains. If you're hoping to have your dog play and socialize, try to get to this park earlier in the day before noon. Most owners like to get here earlier in the day, as there is a lack of protection from the sun.

Canine Country Off-leash Dog Area

Located close to Santa Clarita Aquatics Center and City of Santa Clarita Skate Park, this dog park is centrally located in the City. It offers both small and large dog areas, but finding the park can be a bit tricky. To find this park, it's best to locate the Skate Park first, then from there, the park will be visible and easy to walk to. This dog park is usually the least busy out of the three, so it's perfect for dogs who aren't social butterflies. Also, if you're looking for a relaxed or intimate experience with your dog, this is the ideal place.

Dogwood Park at Aliento Living

Another new addition to Santa Clarita is beautiful Dogwood Park, located within the newly constructed Aliento community. This park is rarely crowded since it's so new, but the good news is, you don't have to live in the community to be able to access this dog park. The park includes open areas for small and large dogs and is located in close proximity to the street. If you decide to visit this location, bring a water bottle for your pet since there is no accessible water and temperatures can soar, especially during summertime.  

Promenade Apartments Dog Park 

Although this dog park isn't public, it is worth mentioning just in case you are lucky enough to live in this community and have access to it. This park offers only one area for large and small dogs; however, it can be a great option if your dog is well-behaved. The park isn't usually crowded, so if you are looking to exercise your highly energetic dog through social interaction, the other options may be more suitable.

We have to advise you that if you plan to visit a City park, it is important that your Fido is vaccinated and up-to-date on their license. Don’t worry if your dog gets dirty while having fun!  Groom and Play in Canyon Country is always ready to serve you!

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