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  •  4/29/2019 01:09 PM

Getting your dog professionally groomed is one of the best things you can do for your dog! Not only does it eliminate the work that you might need yourself, but it allows them to be super fresh and clean thanks to the various procedures professional groomers undergo to get your dog looking his/her very best! But while many love taking their dog(s) to the groomer, not many like how long it takes. So we're here to provide answers on why it can take quite a while for the groomer to finish with your pooch!

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  •  4/25/2019 04:59 PM

Your dog’s first visit to the groomer will be monumental. It’s their first real professional bath with all the trimmings so, of course, you might be anxious not knowing what to expect. To help ease your anxiety, we’ve compiled a helpful list of dos and don’ts when it comes to your pup’s groomer visit! These tips will help improve both you and your dog’s experience and will make for many happy grooming trips from here on out.

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  •  4/3/2019 04:31 PM

Booking regular appointments with a professional dog groomer doesn’t just make your dog look clean and stay fresh, but also keeps him/her happy and healthy. Groomers do a number of additional things that pet owners aren’t usually accustomed to doing.

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